Obtaining and building source code

To obtain source code using Subversion simply type svn checkout kernelpanic-0.0.0.x. This will create kernelpanic-0.0.0.x directory inside you current work directory. Inside kernelpanic-0.0.0.x you'll see 'kernelpanic' (source code of client program) and kernelpanicd-arena (source code of demo server) directories. Now just see INSTALL files and build both server and client.

You can also take a look at devel directory inside repository. Code is recent in those directories, but there may be extremely stupid bugs since it is individual developers' repositories.

Browsing source code

To browse source code through web interface, click here.


Patches and stuff should be sent through Patch Tracking System. You can submit a patch using svn path/to/local/0.0.0.x | gzip -9 > patch.gz command, but diff don't work with binary data. If there are any binary files modified or created, you should just tar (or zip, or rar) them and send generated archive.

Contributing documentation

Documentation is generated from Docbook XML's, so to modify documentation one needs to change source XML's. Sources of concept and API documentation are stored inside Subversion. Click here to browse. If you don't care about Docbook stuff or just found some typos or mistakes and want to submit them you are also welcome. Send you modifications to