Kernel Panic is an open source project and so support of community is the key to success of Kernel Panic. There are several ways to help Kernel Panic project:


For now the only way of contribution is submitting a patch. Whether it's to fix a bug, improve support for other platforms, or adding a new feature, patches are always welcome. See the details in the Developers Section.

Help out in the Forums

Passing on your experience to others is a fantastic way of contributing to the ongoing success of Kernel Panic. Answering people's questions, giving tips and advice, or just sharing your experiences is extremely valuable. Click here to enter forums.

Writing documentation

Every protocol needs a qualified documentation. Every environment needs an adequate API reference. So writing a documentation for Kernel Panic is a key part for considering it as an engine for network game project. See Contributing Documentation section at Subversion page.

Website and hosting management

Hosting for website, hosting for Subversion and content of website are currently serious tasks for project's success. Any help is welcome.