Appendix B. How can it be used and why is it going to work?

Now after reading all this stuff you gonna think that people are not going to admit it just because they are to conservative. Right! This text is NOT for the mass. I'm not going to show people the whole as it is. I'm going to @#$% 'em up.

There are already existing examples of ideas I want to implement but on very primitive level: MMORPGs (goddamn hack-and-slash), blogs and social networks, browser games, etc. And users pretend that they have all they need and everything is fine. But we developers know that it isn't true. People need more, much more, they are bored by all this routine but still they are afraid of changes. Their minds are grown on templates that can't be easilly chaned or destroyed. So I want to give 'em something familiar but still different, still creative.

Imagine: some admin dowloads a chat program with visual 3D interface implemented as middle age tavern with vagrant minstrel or some other comfortable place. Then he configures map, some predefined models, adds music from his collection and installs it into corporative network. First people simply chat for some time. Than admin and users start expiriments: download additional models, maps and textures and later start model something themselves (DIY :)). First with simple human character constructor provided with chat. Then modifies this model with more general 3D modeling programs. Some time is needed to put that in fashion.

Second phase. Now we have people having digital represantations of themselves. Time to share over Internet. Time for more complicated locations like cities, libraries, educational areas (sharing knoledge using power of 3D). As an example of virtual library I'd give bookshops in Morrowind. There was time when I entered Morrowind just to read rarely books. And those books are great. Sometimes it's important how information is represented. Well, I enjoy reading news from public terminals in Deus Ex. But it's quite possible to publish works of unfamiliar authors. That would help them to be read. Well made educational animations can also be attractive, 'cause there's much information can be passed with such way. That's about scientific models and expiriments (physics, chemistry, mathematics, economy, sociology, etc.). Some other interesting things are 3D-blogs and virtual rooms. It's like telling someone: "That's where I live, be my guest, let's be friends, let's somehow connect our souls!!" This phase will make popular the idea of 3D modeling in this aspect. The hook is getting further.

Third phase. And only now it's time to realise that player can put his/her model into game. Player can implement his/her personal world. Time to understand the idea of sharing code. Time when creativity becomes a drug. And that's about Open Source. That's where and why it is going to work.

I suppose, it is time to answer few questions to make it clear:

Q: Do you think that this can change people? Do you really believe that any programming language can teach people to see difference between selfexpression and wish to be attractive or just to be not like others?
Q: So what do you want?

Do you think that this can change people? Do you really believe that any programming language can teach people to see difference between selfexpression and wish to be attractive or just to be not like others?


I don't think it is right to change people. It's their own choice. But I want to give them a chance to do something.


So what do you want?


I just want to hack the society. Once I had most intimate dream to go living on Morrowind. Now I have different intimate dream... But it would be also great when people could just remove some boundaries (why do whe dress like shit?)), be more open with each other, dream together.

Anyway, such flexibility, freedom of bureaucracy and ability to involve talent and creative people into game development can give many advantages of Open Source. For example it could be really comfort way to develop AI and share with others. Just think of ability not to write the same code 1000 times. This kind of moving society into underside of cyberspace can erase bounderies between producers and consumers. Just like another wave of technological revolution. I dream about making Internet young again just like in times of peer-to-peer networks. There was no sailing of IPs or other terrible disrespect of human rights. At least I want Internet to become cheeper and more generous about valuable things. Just another beautiful incarnation of Open Source.