Appendix A. A little bit of dreaming

What I truely want from this project is creativity as much as possible. Take a look at this kids (even 40 years old kids) just talking shit about each other on forums, playing stup hack-n-slash MMORPGs. Is that all that Digit give? Definetly, not!

I wanna show them the way to represent themselfs in Cyberspace. Isn't it cool just to walk down the city with a character that you've modeled yourself?! Isn't it cool to invite your friend into place you've just built and programmed?! How about build you cyberhome or just showing someone game you've just invented. I'm quit sure people can have small ideas like Alchemy in Morrowind. But the question is: how to implement those small ideas so we could easily show them to each others, share them with others? The technology have to be growing fast, it must be network-based, it must be cross-platform, easy for use, highly documented and available for everyone. But what's really important is that both client and server parts MUST BE OPEN. Client part is supposed to be universal (like web browser) and licenced under GNU GPL. Server side better be licenced under LGPL, so commercial projects could use it and but bring also something great it.

Anyway, it's not about saying mankind "sweat dreams". This is about freedom and creativity. I want people to see how free they can be. I want people to ask questions like "Why aren't we free in real world??", "Why do we live our lives for family, corporations, society, fashion, stomach, stupid ideas or anything else but ourselves, our REAL selves?", "Why are guided by small bunch of people?", "Who controls us?", "How are we supposed to turned into consumers and later slaves?", "Why don't they let us be ourselves?".