Chapter 10. New Gaming Genre

Well, that's the opposite of MMORPG. Something like mixing of Deus Ex or Morrowind-like games with play-by-post RPGs on internet forums. Imagine that some small team of programmers will create a level for month to be played for one night. For example, remember the first level of Deus Ex. What if there would be 2-3 real people on the on the other side? I mean, several masters that can get into every non-human character including NPCs, monters, bots, etc. When nothing happens NSF soldier walks in AI mode just like always, but when he notices someone or get shot, master can get into the bot and shoot or hide just like human would (master is human after all). When some neutral guy isn't communicated, hey just walks around ands whistles. And when player (or players) start talking, master replies. Still some dialogs can be scripted. Human dialogs is really important future. You have to use your imagination to gain some information.

But that's not all. How about getting on top of building to hack into telecommunications? A programmer gonna need time to implement it, but such level can be played by different players and sometimes ran by different masters. Single tricks can also be shared to implement somewhere else if code is open on server side. Lua makes it possible not to allow any binary code in client-side scripting. Even if not, it's so easy to disassemble Lua binary to human readable code. And that's cool. Some code becomes automatically open. On the other hand, server side can be closed. That would gain some commercial support. I'd like to see second life of Morrowind with old graphics but on internet. I mean, I really think that both players and programmers are tired of that stupid technological racing. What good is it of graphics if game is soulless?! It's really pain and sorrow that due to this stereotype lots of programmers' resources are wasted only for exterior of game, not content. This project can change it.